Seoyoung Lee

Seoyoung has been dancing for 5 years, and she had been part of multiple competition teams including the Graham dance team and Marti’s hiphop competition team. She has taught hiphop for her school dance program, Dance Spectrum, in the past year, and is excited to share the love for dance in her community.

Teacher/Performance Coordinator

Nicole Leihe

Nicole is a former competitive gymnast and has been a member of her school’s Colorguard team for all 4 years of high school. She was a member of her school’s dance program, Dance Spectrum, from 2020-2021, and continues to share her passion for dancing and performing.


Lena Wessel

Lena is a Senior at Mountain View High School and has been dancing for 8 years! Currently, she helps running the website and advising the board on events we put on.

Teacher/Social Media Manager

Liana Qizilbash

Liana has been dancing for 4 years and has been trained in hip hop and jazz technique. She started with 3 years on a competitive hip hop team. Now she continues to dance in the MVHS Dance Spectrum program, choreographing and performing with peers.


Avery Olmstead

Avery has been dancing for 14 years with experience learning and competing in genres such as jazz, ballet, and tap, with her speciality being hip hop. They act as a dance class aid for students a part of the special education program at MVHS. For the 22-23 school year, Avery will also be serving as an executive board member for the student leadership group, Ambassadors.


Natalie Yoon

Natalie Yoon is a senior at Mountain View Highschool. She has been dancing for over 13 years and competitively danced for 3 years. Her favorite styles include hip hop and jazz. Natalie is now part of the Dance Spectrum program at MVHS where she learns and creates choreography with her peers.


Madison Bystrom

Madison has been dancing for about 12 years and has experience in genres of dance such as hip hop, lyrical/contemporary, jazz, and ballet. Her favorite genre of dance which she enjoys both performing and teaching is hip hop. In 22-23, she will be serving as MVHS dance spectrum president.


Kiana Chen

Kiana is a Junior at Los Altos High School. She has been dancing for over 10 years and started dancing competitively when she was five years old. She has trained in all styles of dance but particularly enjoys Tap and Jazz. She can’t wait to teach and meet you all :)